eMysteries Interactive Environment is an innovative rich media mobile-device-supported environment that provides interactive multimedia learning elements to promote close reading and writing skills to upper secondary students (15-18 year-olds). It also aims to support upper secondary teachers to enhance their students' literacy skills in their daily teaching practices.

How it works

Using technology, students can creatively enhance their skills. eMysteries Interactive Environment offers students opportunities to construct their own inspirational detective stories, customise them using a rich poll of multimedia elements and share them with their peers. Students create their stories based on a set of story templates. The key elements of the story are:

  1. Setting and Characters
  2. Crime Scene
  3. The Detective
  4. The Suspects
  5. Examine the Crime Scene
  6. Mystery Resolution
  7. The Story Trailer.

Sample detective stories are available and act as direct resources and examples for teachers and students to have a better understanding of a detective story and how they create one. eMysteries Interactive Environment also has an embedded glossary function to support upper secondary school teachers to help their students define unfamiliar words or find more inspiring words for their stories. It provides access to supporting online resources, such as online dictionaries so that students can look up the meaning of a word, and find synonyms.

The interactive environment is available in 5 languages (English, German, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish) and is fully functional in both Android and iOS systems.