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Step 1 - Setting and characters
Death in the sauna
"Each person needs time to relax" Bob said to his colleagues when he told them about his planned visit to the sauna. They had seriously wanted to tell him that he would only feel very bored there and that it would be better if he came with them tomorrow for darting. However, this time Bob didn't go to the dart. He went to the sauna the next afternoon.
This was actually the best idea I've had in a long time," he said to himself as he stretched out his towel in the comforting warmth of the herbal sauna. Relaxed, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the aroma of chamomile, mint and rosemary.

This he should allow himself more often, he decided, as he wrapped himself in his towel and
walked over to the dipping pool. After the ice-cold plunge he stretched out in the sunshine, well packed in a warm blanket on one of the deck chairs. The view from the terrace was beautiful. The snow had sugared up the landscape all around him and his breath painted little wisps in the clear, cold winter air. In a good humor, Bob nipped at his orange juice before he treated himself to a second session in the herbal sauna.

Stretched out on his sauna towel, he reflected on God and the world.
Nobody interrupted and nobody asked stupid questions. Wonderful! Then he decided that for the third sauna session. It will be the usually quite full Finnish sauna with a classical infusion ritual in half an hour. He really like this. The hot steam that surrounds his body and the wonderful oils that scent so pleasant.
Step 2 - Crime scene
He still had some time. Still sweaty from the sauna Bob passed a slightly arrogant looking gentleman in a fine bathrobe. He was almost colliding with a young lady. The blonde woman excused herself verbally. She had been in her thoughts. "Everything is all right," Bob answered. He had already forgotten the slightly hectic woman when he jumped into the ice-cold water of the diving pool.

Refreshed and rested, Bob set off ten minutes later to the Finn Sauna. As expected it was well frequented. But he could still get a comfortable place in the corner diagonally opposite the sauna oven. As soon as he had made himself comfortable, the sauna master with a bucket and scoop came around the corner.

In accordance with the beginning of the ritual, he tore the door wide open and let fresh air into the sauna. Some latecomers used this to quickly find a place for the ritual. Then the sauna master closed the door and cast a large scoop of water on the hot stones of the oven. A gigantic cloud of steam rose, which the man skillfully swirled with the towel and fanned out to the guests.

After three ladles he announced a short break and disappeared. Soon he was back with a tray of small soft drinks. Under applause the small glasses were distributed and the refreshing spritzer was drunk. Orange juice. Bob especially liked orange juice. He emptied the glass in one go and handed it back to the tray. After the master had collected all the glasses and brought them outside, he reappeared with a bucket and trowel for the second infusion. Meanwhile, another person quickly rushed into the sauna and sat down by the oven on the lowest step. Some guests muttered disapproving about the disturbance, but it was soon forgotten.

All eyes were already directed to the sauna master with anticipation, when he saw the Water skillfully distributed on the stones. An enormous steam cloud spread out in the small room. But even before the sauna master could continue the ritual with the towel, a blood-curdling cry tore the damp, hot air apart.
Only when the steam had spread a little, did the shocked visitors see the reason. A young man lay on the floor next to the sauna stove, covered in blood. There was a deep gash in his throat from which he was bleeding heavily.
Step 3 - The detective
Bob was immediately wide awake. With presence of mind, he grabbed the sauna master's towel and told him to call an ambulance, while Bob pressed the rolled up towel onto the open wound. After the emergency doctor has taken care of the young man and taken him to the ambulance detective Bob asked all the guests to retire to an adjacent rest room.
Step 4 - The suspects
Many of the guests were still in shock and could not contribute anything helpful to the clarification of the unexpected act. A young woman and two men had been particularly badly affected.
Only now did Bob identify the young blonde who almost knocked him down. Now she sat there, white as a sheet, and trembled. Yes, she had been sitting next to the man, but she hadn't noticed anything at all. He had fallen against her shoulder and then to the floor.

One of the two men was hit particularly hard by the shock. He said that he could not see blood and was therefore completely off balanced. He could not remember anything at all.

While Bob was still hearing the tall man, he saw the other man whom he intended to question wavering dangerously. He helped the slender man in his mid-thirties to lie down on the floor and put his feet up. He held on to Bob with hands that were as cold as if he had stuck them in the fresh snow. He, too, stated that he couldn't remember anything because he was so shocked.

After completing his interviews, Detective Bob took a look at everyone present. Nobody had noticed anything special. Nobody had made any suspicious comments.
Step 5 - Examine the Crime Scene
Maybe the crime scene gives more clues. However, as intensively as he looked, he did not find any weapon at the scene of the crime. He was sure that he would have to find a knife, a dagger or something similar. After all, the sauna visitors could not have anything when they left the sauna.

But all he found, to his displeasure, was the blood of the victim on the wooden bench and on the floor in front of the stove. No murder weapon far and wide.
Step 6 - Mystery Resolution
So, how could the man be killed without a weapon being found? Suddenly, Bob remembered the man with the icy cold hands. He was also in the sauna. Why were his hands so cold? That was really mysterious.
Step 7 - The story trailer
Bob thought long and hard and came to the following conclusion: “The slender man with the cold hands came into the sauna just before the murder. In his sauna towel he had brought a large and very pointed ice-cone with him. He rammed it into the victim's neck. Then he just let the cone fall and in the heat of the sauna it quickly melted into water”. An almost perfect murder.

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