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Step 1 - Setting and characters
Child abduction
Cipra, is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of 850 000 citizens. It has always been considered, as one of the safest countries, with low rate of crime. Citizens feel secure to open their doors to a stranger, to walk alone during night, to allow their children to play without their supervision at the neighborhood park.

Schools are considered safe places and during school time no criminal incidents were, ever, reported. Parents feel safe to leave their children at school and students go to school either by car, bus or foot. No one has been ever thought that a child could be abducted at the school…
It was around 7:30 am in the morning, when one student, namely Ektoras, arrived at school, left his bag inside his classroom and went to play in the school yard with other three children. He was a well behaved child, always, following the rules of the school.
The bell rang and all the children entered the classrooms. It took about 15 minutes for the teacher to realize that Ektoras came at school but did not enter the classroom. At the beginning, the teacher thought he was absent but then she noticed his schoolbag next to the desk. She assumed that the child might be at the toilet or with the headteacher. She sent a student to look for him but the child was missing. The teacher did not know what to do, where to look, what to think. She trembled and went to inform the headteacher about this incidence. The headteacher, immediately, called the police and the guardian of the child, his mother, who came to school in a state of shock. All the parents were informed about the incidence from the TV and they rang the school and wanted to come and take their children. Psychologists came urguntly at the school to support emotionally the mother, the teacher, the headteacher, the children and the staff of the school.
Ektoras, the missing boy, was 11 years old. His mother was a doctor at the hospital, close to the school. Also, one of the children who was playing with Ektoras was the grandson of a well-known doctor and the other child's mother was a nurse in the same hospital. Ektoras' father was a pilot working abroad and he was in a legal conflict with his mother, demanding the rights of the custody of the child. Ektoras had not seen his father for many years.
This incident was a puzzle for investigators, who were trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to determine whether the perpetrator's motives were related to the family situation of the child (divorced family), the professional activity of the mother or the perpetrator wanted to demand ransom as he may be facing financial problems. The investigation was full of red herrings.
Step 2 - Crime scene
Most people thought that it was a disappearance that would last some minutes. Unfortunately, in a short time, they realised that it was a mysterious child abduction.
The attendance of students, as always, started at 7.30 a.m. Until 7:45 a.m when the bell rang, some parents entered the school to take their children to their classrooms. The teacher, who was responsible for supervising the pupils in the yard that morning, saw the suspect and thought that he was a parent. According to the testimony of a cleaner and three children who gave statements to the detectives, around 7:40 a.m the suspect entered the Primary School with lightning speed and sharp steps. He approached a group of five children and introduced himself as "the new History teacher at school". And after showing them his bandaged hand, he asked them to help him carry some things out of his car. According to the children, Ektoras was willing to help. According to an elderly owner of a house opposite the backyard of the school, in which there was a door that opened in the morning to facilitate the arrival of students, the suspect was at the site before 7:30 a.m in the morning.
According to information, the stranger was a man between 50-60 years old, height 1.70 - 1.75 m, about 100 kg, with a beard. He was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with a pattern on the front with bright colors, a dark vest, long dark trousers, a dark beret hat. He was driving a a gray saloon.
Step 3 - The detective
The two detectives were immediately notified about the situation, signaling an alarm and mobilizing all available forces, reinforcing the Police with personnel from other cities. Alexander Alexandrou and his partner Christofer Christoforou came at the school after the call of the headteacher. They introduced themselves to the headteacher and the mother.

Alexander and Christofer: "We are the responsible detectives for the case. We are here and we will do anything we can to find the child. You need to remain calm and give us any information that may help us".

Alexander Alexandrou, aged 52 years old, was the most experienced agent and the best profiler in the unit of the police that he was working. He gained his experience, working in the New York City for many years. He had specialised skills that were very useful in difficult cases. He was confident, assertive, and often a hot-tempered character. His partner, Christofer Christoforou, aged 35, was well-educated, gaining his work experience in Cipra. If you saw him, you would say that he was a low profile person but he was very smart and very good observant with a photopraphic memory. His background in psychology was useful to understand the psychology of the suspects and to be a very good mind reader. They cooperated very well together and one was complementing the other, a fact that helped them to solve a lot of mysteries using their critical thinking skills. They had never given up and they were trying to do their best in every case, with great success most of the times.
Step 4 - The suspects
The detectives interrogated the teachers, the children, the cleaners, the mother, collecting useful information. Evidence and testimonies showed that the man was prepared to achieve his goal which was none other than child abduction. He initially introduced himself as a new teacher in a polite way, and in order to trick the children into helping him carry books he had tied his hand so that he seemed to have a problem.
Taking into consideration all the information, they concluded that 3 suspects were involved and they divided in three teams to examine and solve this mystery. The detectives published the photos of the child and asked people for any information that could be helpful to find the missing child.
The first thought of Alexander and Christofer, was that the disappearance of the child was linked with the family situation of the child, specifically with the father. The detectives were informed by the mother that the father came to Cyprus, a week ago and he insisted to meet the child.

Alexander: "I believe that the father has a motive because of the serious conflict that he has with the mother and the mother's refusal to allow him to meet the child".

Christofer: "I agree, he may want to take the child abroad, where he lives".

Alexander and Christofer: "We need to notify immediately the port authorities and the airports in order to take measures".

The detectives tried to reach the father to interrogate him and collect information from him. They found him in his hotel room and informed him about his missing son.

Alexander: "I am the detective Alexander and my partner Christofer from the police". (Alexander and Christofer showed their badge).

Christofer: "We are here to imform you about a tragic fact concerning your child. Unfortunately, your son, Ektoras, was upducted from his school this morning".

The father was very upset and worried. He said "OMG, what happened? Where is my child? Who took him? ".

Alexander: "You will tell us where you child is. The mother has told us that you came back in Cipri one week ago with the motive to take the custody of your child. We need to interrogate you".

Father: "I have no involvement in the incident and I do not know where my child is. I will never do something that will impact negatively my child wellbeing. I will never do it because I will lose the opportunity to have a good relationship with my child".

While Alexander was interrogating the father, Christofer was searching the apartnment. He found one red hat in father's bag and he could not remember where he saw again this hat. Accidentally, he remembered that he saw that hat in a picture of Ektoras and he shouted: "I have just found a red hat that belongs to Ektoras".

Alexander arrested the father. The father was tranfered in the police office for further investigation.

The second suspect was a colleague of Ektora's mother, a nurse. According to the mother, 3 doctors, including herself, reported the nurse for unprofessional behaviour, which resulted in the nurse getting fired. The detectives of the case arrested the 41-year-old nurse from his apartment and took him to the police station. As the nurse claimed in his testimony, he had an alibi as at the time of the abduction he had an interview for a new job.
Important information given by a citizen leaded to the third suspect. A citizen realized that the incident on TV was connected to his neighbor whom he had been observing lately. His neighbour had moved in the building a week ago and he was always wearing a blank hat. He accidentally watched this neighbour disembark a small child who was behaving somewhat strangely, from his car. This was a breakthrough in the investigation. The informant in his statements said that "the child victim was not feeling well". The car of the suspect was silver in colour, which according to the descriptions heard by the witness was similar to the one used by the perpetrator to abduct the 11-year-old child. The suspect was most likely within walking distance of the school. Authorities immediately were mobilized and strong forces surrounded the building.
Step 5 - Examine the Crime Scene
The two detectives, Alexander and Christofer, arrived at the apartment to investigate whether the given information was related to the crime scene.
When the detectives knocked on the door of his apartment, the 35-year-old opened it and calmly asked the police: "can I help you? The man was particularly cool.
The detectives, after showing him their identities, informed him that they were investigating a case of abduction of one eleven-year-old child, with the 35-year-old answering: "Yes, I know of the case. "But isn't he an old man you're looking for?" Alexander and Christofer realized that the 35-year-old was informed by the media about the developments, at a time when the entire Police were looking for him. They had a hunch that someone was telling lies.
The 35-year-old, who was still cool, told them that a friend was in his apartment, and then, after the members of the force entered, he asked them to be quiet because his cousin was sleeping in the room, stating also that the day before was her grandmother's funeral.
While the detectives were talking to the strange man, Christofer noticed the fake ID on the table that read "Primary School Teacher of XXXXX", something that made him suspect the man even more. After the investigation, they located the child in one bedroom lying on the bed.
The question that detectives needed to answer was whether the stranger was related either with the father or the nurse...
Step 6 - Mystery Resolution
After the interrogation, it was clear that neither the father nor the nurse were related to the child abduction. The abductor was an unemployed person with emotional problems and he took the child for the purpose of asking ransom from the family.
Step 7 - The story trailer
A boy is missing from his school. A stranger comes to school as a new teacher. No one knows who the new teacher is. There are two main suspects, the father and a mothers’ colleage who have different motives. Are they telling lies, are they telling the truth? Who is the abductor in the end? Two detectives work hard to find out the truth and bring back the child to his mother.


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