eMysteries project partners were excited to hold their first project meeting in Madrid, at JAITEK’s premises, on the 14th-15th of November 2019. During the meeting there was a thorough discussion about the next steps of the project and how each partner could use their expertise to better benefit the outcomes of the project.

eMysteries Kick-off meeting

The emphasis was placed on the development of the first Output the Teacher’s Toolbox for teaching and writing detective stories which is being coordinated by IPCB. Specifically, the Teacher’s Toolbox could be utilized from upper secondary school teachers in their daily teaching practices and it aims to introduce rich educational content which will be compiled in four core Modules with the basic objective to enhance teacher’s knowledge on how to teach and write detective stories using close reading activities. The Toolbox will soon be available online and it will form the basis for the development of the mobile-device-supported interactive environment for the creation of detective stories.