The 2nd Newsletter of the eMysteries project aims to provide an overview of the Teacher's Toolbox on Close Reading Mystery Detective Stories and how it can support the teaching process. The Newsletter is translated in German, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese.

The first Newsletter of the eMysteries project aims to provide information about the progress achieved so far by project partners and the next steps. The Newsletter is available in all partner languages.

eMysteries project partners were excited to hold their first project meeting in Madrid, at JAITEK’s premises, on the 14th-15th of November 2019. During the meeting there was a thorough discussion about the next steps of the project and how each partner could use their expertise to better benefit the outcomes of the project.

The eMysteries project aims to develop the capacity of upper secondary school teachers working with students (15-18 year-olds) in using digital tools for addressing literacy goals.